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I know my updates are inconsistent and I've been saying I'm trying to get them consistent, it's just hard with everything going on. What I am trying to do while on break is build up the manga and post them with daily release dates. So far I have a couple already made pages so those will be up daily. And I have just decided to keep my pages sketchy (still practicing) and one I finish the manga, I will go back and update each page with better drawing/shading etc. That's the plan! But anyways, thank you so much for everyone that reads SAL, there's only 16 of you but I very much appreciate all of you. I just hope to gain more fans in the future (hopefully by posting daily pages to grab attention) because the more fans I have, the more motivated I am to keep up this manga. I know it's not the prettiest of mangas but I promise i'm working on it! XD Thanks! <3

posted by MeikoChan @ November 22nd, 2014, 7:31 pm  -  0 Comments

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